Mary Ann Young is an award-winning singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist  from Tennessee.  Over the years, Mary Ann has written a vast array of compositions with styles ranging from ballads, instrumentals for meditation, worship music, folk rock, mountain music (dulcimer), adult contemporary, electronica, and a splash of classical.  Her  composition, "A Great Big World" has won songwriting awards at Great American Song Contest. *See Great American Song Contest for 2008 and 2009. 
*Mary Ann has always been drawn to creating music. At the age of eight, Mary Ann began her studies in piano and having an unusually gifted ear for music, began pursuing other instruments not long after. At the age of ten, she began her studies in percussion where she learned how to play a wide variety of percussive instruments. At the age of sixteen, Mary Ann began playing the acoustic guitar and later learned how to play the bass guitar.  She has recently picked up another stringed instrument - the mountain dulcimer.  *The video featured below on this page was composed and performed only after several weeks of learning how to play the dulcimer. You will be amazed that Mary Ann had never studied or touched this instrument before this time, yet was able to create a beautiful piece that is currently enjoyed by listeners everywhere. 
One of Mary Ann's highlights in her musical career was when she was invited as a guest artist and interviewed on the popular television show, Sacramento & Company on News10 (ABC). She has also had the opportunity in the past to travel with bands throughout the United States and to different parts of the world, sharing the gift of music. Mary Ann's music has been featured on Women of Substance Radio (Live 365) as well as Indie 104-iRadio LA, The Songwriter's Network, and Spiritcol1 Christian Internet Radio.  She has also been featured on Woman of Jazz Radio (Gospel Sundays). 
Her latest 2018 album, Instrumental Music to Soothe Your Soul, is currently being featured on Pandora Radio.  Don't forget to look up Mary Ann's music on Spotify and many other music streaming programs. 

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"This song displays wonderful songwriting talents - an engaging theme, potent lyrical imagery and excellent melodic structure. Rarely do I have the opportunity to hear such compassionate, emotionally resonant work...for goodness sake, please keep writing and bringing beautiful songs into the world.  Good luck with your music!"  ~Judge for Great American Song Contest

"Contemplative, meditative, beautiful..."

"What a beautiful song and the melody sets the perfect, serious mood for this emotional lyric... I think the song is compelling and I could see it working in a documentary film or tv show having to do with women in this situation.... Thank you for writing this song. I think you're very gifted and I appreciate that you have important things to say through your music..."

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