Mary Ann Young  is an award-winning singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. All vocals and music performed by Mary Ann Young. 

Mary Ann studied piano along with various percussive instruments (main focus concert snare) during her early childhood and throughout her teens and college years. She also taught herself acoustic guitar from an early age and learned to play the bass guitar as well as the mountain dulcimer

Her latest instrument to study is the beautiful Shofar. Perhaps this comes from the innate longing Mary Ann has always had to embrace special parts of her family history connected to the Jewish people. One biological connection is with the Sephardic Jewish, specifically the Jews of Majorca. Who would have thought Majorca (also known as Mallorca) Jews) would have journeyed all the way to the mountains of east Tennessee? What a fascinating story indeed!

Over the years, Mary Ann has been recognized for her prolific songwriting as well as her powerful, yet soothing vocals. Mary Ann was honored at the Great American Song Contest where she was recognized as a top finalist for her moving ballad, "Where Birds Can Fly" in the Singer-Songwriter category for 2019. Mary Ann's powerful ballad, "A Great Big World" won outstanding songwriting awards at Great American Song Contest in the Christian/Inspirational category. *See Great American Song Contest for 2008 and 2009. 

As a musician, Mary Ann enjoys composing instrumental music woven with ambient, chill, classical, ethereal, and romantic tones with a Christian theme. Her music is mainly focused around the piano, but enjoys adding other instruments as well.

Thank you for visiting my website! Click on the link directly below to say hello. I would love to hear how God has used my music to bless your life. ~Mary Ann

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  • WHERE BIRDS CAN FLY  "The title is immediately intriguing, and you set it up aptly within the warmly compelling chorus - And the spiritual undertone of the poetic allegory beautifully distinguishes the theme. So, it's my pleasure to inform you that this song achieved finalist status.  Congratulations - we wish you all the best in your songwriting pursuits.  I hope we'll hear more from you in the years ahead.  Keep writing, learning and pursuing your craft. " ~ Judge (Music Industry Professional) from Great American Song Contest 2019.
  • WHERE BIRDS CAN FLY  " What a beautiful song and the melody sets the perfect, serious mood for this emotional lyric...I think this song is compelling and I could see it working in a documentary film or TV show having to do with women in this situation... Thank you for writing this song.  I think you're very gifted and I appreciate that you have important things to say through your music. " ~Professional Screener at
  • A GREAT BIG WORLD  "This song displays wonderful songwriting talents - an engaging theme, potent lyrical imagery and excellent melodic structure.  Rarely do I have the opportunity to hear such compassionate, emotionally resonant work...for goodness sake please keep writing and bringing beautiful songs into the world.  Good luck with your music!"  ~Judge (Music Industry Professional) for Great American Song Contest 2009
  • TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST  "Contemplative, meditative, beautiful..."  ~Professional Screener at
  • THIRSTY (Psalm 42) "Beautiful and very meditative..." ~Professional Screener at