A Great Big World

Great American Song Contest, 3rd Place Winner for 2009 (5th Place Winner for 2008)

"This song displays wonderful songwriting talents - an engaging theme, potent lyrical imagery and excellent melodic structure. Rarely do I have the opportunity to hear such compassionate, emotionally resonant work...for goodness sake, please keep writing and bringing beautiful songs into the world. Good luck with your music!" ~ Judge for Great American Song Contest

To Have Loved and Lost

"Contemplative, Meditative, Beautiful..." ~ TAXI.COM

Where Birds Can Fly

"What a beautiful song and the melody sets the perfect, serious mood for this emotional lyric... I think the song is compelling and I could see it working in a documentary film or tv show having to do with women in this situation.... Thank you for writing this song. I think you're very gifted and I appreciate that you have important things to say through your music..." ~ TAXI.COM



"Beautiful and very meditative..." ~ TAXI.COM
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We took a trip around the internet and gathered a few more samples of what others are saying
about Mary Ann Young's music...

“A masterpiece
absolutely beautiful”

“An absolutely phenomenal piece you have created here.
Thank you for this.”

“This adding this to my favorites. itunes? definitely. wow. well done”

“Ms. Young, this is a nice piece. Which composers influenced you? and what are your favorite instruments (besides piano)? I am always looking for female composers because it's a shame that we focus mainly on the male composers. There are great female composers out there! (Sofia Gubaidulina, Lera Auerbach, Rachel Portman, etc.)”

“Very soothing, so relaxing...thank you for sharing”

“Absolutely amazing...good job!”

“You are actually good :)”

“Wow i really like your singing and guitar playing...u r fantastic”

“This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us your music. God bless!”

“So peaceful, you can see God in all this.”

“A very beautiful song make me relax and thank the lord for all the blessing.”

“This is wonderful music to pray to it sounds like yani the famous composer but with Gods love. Thank you. Your new fan Jeff from New jersey”

“This is just beautiful.... thank you!”

"Wow, another amazingly beautiful song! Thank you for sharing with us!! GOD is good...ALL the time! "

"Very beautiful performance for our Lord. Thank you for sharing. "

“Your music so inspires the heart my dear sister. Thank you for sharing the graceful flow of your heartsong Mary Ann ~:) Truly truly beautiful my friend. God bless & continue you in every good work for His Glory. God Bless ~:) YSI Jesus ~ Claire”

"I really got into that.  Thank you!"

"You should write something that i can sing over, seriously... i need some music like this!"

"A very moving song. An emotive subject, which ever way you look at it. I'm sure some of the women in there deserve a second chance depending on their crime, & what ever peoples thoughts you cannot deny the sadness they must feel at not seeing their loved ones. ( Whether you think they deserve to or not)"

"A really lovely song that must mean allot to many women prisoners. :)"

"The song is really well written! It touched my heart."

"Amazing piece. Had to purchase your album. Keep up the good work."
"does anyone know where i could download or buy this song?"

"Great structure and flow, a calmingly haunting piece. Beautiful work."